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Triple Crown Quest..... Who's Saying What About Whom ???? | Quater Horses

Triple Crown Quest..... Who's Saying What About Whom ???? | Quater Horses

Triple Crown Quest….. Who’s Saying What About Whom ????

Does anyone have any idea how many handicappers are out there?  Which ones have the highest percentage of picking the winning horses?  What information on the horses do they use for their prognostications….. or do they just have a dart board with all the horses in a particular race and they use numbered darts for the order of finish??
A P Indy
A P Indy—Just chaos (
The Triple Crown Quest is beginning to look as if that’s the way the horses are being chosen.
Some handicappers lean heavily in favor of the horse’s Beyer Speed Rating, a mathematical formula for each race at a given track, as a yardstick for a horse’s ability…. Then there are those who use a horse’s dosage index which is calculated based on an analysis of a horse’s pedigree, as a deciding factor.
It’s interesting to note that if the Beyer Speed Rating had been around in Secretariat’s day, he would have earned a 138.  I’m not sure, but I don’t think any horse has ever earned a Beyer that high.  Of the horses in the current Triple Crown Quest, the highest Beyer is held by Secret Circle with 102, followed closely by Bodemeister with a 101.

Okay, here’s what I’m saying.  I really like the A. P. Indy bloodline… How much better can it be?  A. P. Indy is
Seattle slew, Romp
Seattle slew, Romp—Rennett Stowe (
by Seattle Slew and out of a Secretariat mare.  Strong male line???  I think so.
There are three colts carrying A. P. Indy’s blood in their first 3 generations in the Triple Crown Quest.   The headliner appears to be Hansen, whose sire, Tapit, is a grandson.  Take Charge Indy is an own son of A.P. Indy, and Optimizer is out of a daughter.

Wow !!! Now what do I do??   I think any one of these boys have a really good chance of winning the first leg of the Triple Crown.

Hansen runs today in the Blue Grass Stakes today and Optimizer takes on the Arkansas Derby.  Take Charge Indy has his gate assured for the first leg of the Triple Crown and will sit this weekend out, but Optimizer has to score this weekend to earn, I think, a well deserved slot in the Kentucky Derby for Hall of Fame trainer, D. Wayne Lukas.
I have out my dart board and darts and here’s what I want…… Hansen in the Blue Grass and Optimizer in the Arkansas Derby.

One last thought….. Do I love the A. P. Indy horses because he was bred by two outstanding Texas horsemen, Will Farish and Bill Kilroy? ….. and because he has proven himself repeatedly as a sire of really fine race horses?  …..DUH!

Please share this article by clicking on your favorite social network below. If you would like to wager a couple of bucks head over to TwinSpires the official betting arm of Churchill Downs the home of the Kentucky Derby.

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