Tuesday, January 1, 2013

How to Hang Wallpaper

Wallpaper can enhance, update and give personality to any room. In this video we will complete the most rewarding part of this project, hanging the wallpaper. For this project you will need a paint roller, cover and tray, a smoothing tool, a tape measure, scissors, a snap off razor knife, a straight edge, sponges and bucket, seam adhesive and a seam roller. If you need to prep your walls before the wallpaper application watch the following video: www.youtube.com Measure the room you are applying wallpaper to so you know exactly how much you will need. First measure the height of your wall and add 2" to the top and the bottom for waste and 2'' to the sides for matching. Cut your paper to this length. Now draw a vertical line so you know where to apply the first sheet of wallpaper. If your paper requires an adhesive, apply to the paper using the manufacturers instructions. For this step, dunk the cut sheets of paper in a water bin. Book the paper by rolling it up while the p aste sets. As you begin to hang the paper, apply from top to bottom and smooth out with a wet sponge. Follow up with the smoothing tool to smooth out any bubbles. Use a straight edge and razor to remove any excess. Match the pattern and butt the seams as you hang each piece to avoid overlap. When working around windows, doors or any other obstacles, use scissors to make a relief cut to the point of the corner. Smooth down the paper and cut off the excess. For curved obstacles, make several relief cuts ... Video Rating: 4 / 5

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