Sunday, January 20, 2013

SPEED ART | Desktop Background Ep 1

So a like, fav, or comment would be great. I know it kinda sucked that I didn't record everything but I have a new speed art that I think is really good, and I am probably gonna upload later today. final image: song: LTR - Idealism This actually took a long time to make I couldn't fine the right stock photos for this image and I ran out of ideas. [EXTRA TAGS] video intro design process in cidnema 4d basic animation tutorial part one adobe after effects sony vegas pro 10 audio editing software text how to make and cmg designs custommadegrafix time smart phones fireworks cheats instructions economic repair new single analysis automobile montage programs laptops notebook cybersecurity computer contest entry paper valentine demo mass reel special graphics media digital motion demo reel director creative editor Photoshop Speed Painting, Photoshop Ezio Speed Art,Speed Art, Adobe Photoshop, After Effects, Sony Vegas, Ezio, Assasins C reed, AC, Brotherhood, Revelations, Cinema 4d, Art, Picture, Image, Speed, Fast, Drawing, Mario, Super Mario, Italian, Luigi, Mushroom, Princess, DSi, Game, Mario Kart, Mario, Dance, Break Dancing, Lights, Spotlights, Smoke, Text, Image, Lines, Sea, Island, Palm Tree, Message In A Botlle, Lonely Man, Subscribe, TheXtremeGFX, Tutorial, How To, Drawings, Effect, Artist, Paint, Music, New Song 2011, August, Rnb, R&B, Rap,optic midnite background youtube layout speed art competition i2obot l2obot robot ...

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