Monday, November 16, 2015

Cheap Useful Gifts To Get Your Trucker This Holiday Season

Trucks are small spaces so what you get your trucker this holiday season needs to be useful and not take up a bunch of space.

These are some of my top picks:

Neck Messager

You can go with even the lower end neck messager because there is nothing like a message to relax  your neck and shoulders after a long day of driving.

Back Scratcher

Back scratchers make terrific gifts for your special trucker. Not only does it help with scratching those itchy spots that are hard to reach but they also make great tools for fetching items that are just a bit too far to reach while driving.

My own husband has gone through several back scratchers in his career - it is the one thing that I know I can get him that he will absolutely LOVE.

Heated Blanket

This is sort of like a normal heated blanket that you would have in your home on your own bed in the winter but it works with a cigarette plug outlet.

These blankets are great if your trucker doesn't have much bedding and for when they need to shut the truck down but still stay warm.

Stay tuned for more cheap useful gifts to get your trucker this holiday season.