Thursday, November 19, 2015

Exercises for Truckers to Stay Fit

Here are a selection of videos showing exercises for truckers to stay fit.  Some require weights like these:

Squats with adjustable weights

The next video is a selection of exercises using an exercise band and yoga mat. This guy just works out in a parking lot!!

Here Cisco explains some simple exercises using small items that don't cost a bunch and store in the truck easily:

He makes a good point about the soda pop. Soda is so easy to pick up, it gives you a sugar rush and most have caffeine but soda is so bad for you. On top of adding empty calories to your already challenged diet, soda actually causes heart disease! The first step to getting healthy is to drink more water and cut out the pops.

 Another point on diet is that studies have shown that eating all of your daily calories at one time versus spreading them out over the day will cause weight gain too. Better to eat smaller meals through out the day then to have one big meal and then fast until the next day. Even if you are eating a take out meal, break it up into smaller meals and eat it over the course of several hours.

If you must have something sweet, pick something with fiber. Fruits are very sweet and come designed to help your body process it. Many of us are addicted to sugar. Sugar is flat out a poison. It causes heart disease, high cholesterol, and narrowing of the arteries.

Taking the first step is the beginning of big changes for you. Make the decision to be fit though trucking. Choose to incorporate more fruits and veggies into your diet.

Purium makes several products that come in shake form (just mix with water, or almond milk/water or coconut water/water) that will boost your nutrition without having to carry lots of fresh veggies on the road. Purium's transformation kit comes in two selections.

One is the 10 day transformation which allows you to take a vacation from processed foods. Most people lose 5-20 pounds in 10 days doing this. It is compact and doesn't require a bunch of preparation. The flex foods are easy to prepare because they can be as simple as avocados, apples, oranges, salad (pick up a pre mixed pack).

The second transformation is designed for athletes. It comes with everything you need to get the right nutrition, though working out. My husband has done this one. He is a) a very picky eater and b) works out at the gym a couple times a week pretty aggressively. He dropped ten pounds in ten days of fat, not muscle.

You can order your 10 Day Transformation here and use the gift card code: bewellandprosper to get a $50 discount

You can order your Athletes Transformation here and use the gift card code: bewellandprosper to get a $50 discount on this item

Each kit has slightly different products included to properly support your health and nutrition goals.

My friend and chiropractor, Dr. Mike is available for consultation about these products and health strategies for truckers. You can reach him through his website

It is possible to get in shape and stay in shape even with a sedentary job like trucking: