Sunday, November 1, 2015

Staying Connected Cell Phone For Truckers

When we first started in the trucking world, oh so many years ago, cell phones were just starting to make their appearance.  In fact when our son was born, my husband, who was, of course, on the road, called from a payphone to check on the progress.  His timing was perfect, our son had just been born.

As time has progressed we have found that Verizon is probably the best carrier for truckers followed by TMobile. That is just my opinion. Since our change over to Verizon and the advent of iphones while we used to have to have GPS and a laptop, and a tv, all of those "extra" needs have sort of disappeared.

It is actually cheaper for us to use the streaming data from Verizon rather than trying to get truck stop internet, which almost never works.

Cell Phone For Truckers
Love this cell phone for truckers when it comes to staying connected with loved ones.

A cell phone and one that functions as a computer too is almost a necessity these days in the trucking world. Where before there were payphones everywhere, these days it is getting more and more difficult to find one.

Having a cell phone allows you to take advantage of GPS apps, watch tv online and so much more. If you aren't using the best, most up to date technology you are falling behind and it is costing you money.