Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Staying Fit Though Trucking

One of my husband's favorite things in life it to work out at the gym. And while staying fit though trucking might seem counter intuitive, over the twenty some  years he has been at it, Truck Driver Dave has been able to stay remarkable fit though driving over the road.

This is us having fun at Flaming Gorge

The secret to this fitness has been his ability to go to the gym several times a week.

Working out relieves stress, keeps your blood pressure under control and allows you to do something kind of normal, not really trucking related.  Sitting in the steam room and Jacuzzi or simply spending a bit in the pool are great ways to relax and let the worries of the road melt away.

We have found that one of the best gyms to join, as a trucker, are the 24 hour fitness gyms. Get a membership that allows  you to use any gym in their franchise.  It is relatively inexpensive to get this membership, so don't panic.

Once  you have become a member you will look up the gyms in the areas you frequent or along routes  you travel often. Then use google earth to figure out if you can park your truck there or not.  Sometimes my hubby has to drop his trailer (he puts a lock on it) and bob tails over to the gym.  In the beginning, he had a bike in his truck so that he could just bike over to the gym. After a few times of this he realized that most gyms have some sort of truck parking near by - even in Vegas, Reno and California.

Before he got this gym membership my husband was using universal weights in the truck (which he still uses) and on occasion he will do  some calisthenics, like deep knee bends (makes my knees hurt just thinking about it) and push ups. Walking around the truck stop or drops is a great way to get a bit of exercise and some fresh air. Even ten minutes of walking can do wonders for  your mental health.

Diet is a large part of staying fit in a truck. While raw and fresh is always best, being able to control what  you are eating is paramount to feel and being healthy.  A microwave and refrigerator are musts for the long haul trucker. Gone are the days when you could eat a decent meal in a truck stop. Studies have shown that eating fast food on a regular basis is a sure recipe for an early death.

The bottom line is that if you think you are going to make trucking a career, or find that circumstances have made trucking  your career, you need to take steps to stay fit and eat right.

As time goes on I will be posting recipes and cooking tips so be sure to bookmark this site for updates.